TaDaa! Festival 2020

TaDaa! Festival will celebrate its 6th year in 2020 with a fresh, innovative new street performance format. We’ll be adhering to the national health and event guidelines whilst keeping true to our roots of being openly accessible for all audiences and supportive of growing professional street performance in the Baltics.

This time round we’ll be hosting 4 local Estonian street shows that will perform in 4 different locations around the district of Lasnamäe in Tallinn, Estonia. Audiences sizes will be restricted to 40 people on location, adhering to the 2+2 rule with recommended hygienic systems in place. Performances will also be streamed online, unrestricted, for everyone around the world to get a taste of professional street performance in the district of Lasnamäe.

Donations and tips to performers are recommended and actively encouraged, through our innovative and secure online portal, to keep the traditions of street theatre alive!

This project is carried out in cooperation with British Council in Estonia as part of the People to People Cultural Engagement Programme. Find more info about British

Council’s work in Estonia at www.britishcouncil.ee


Richard Samarüütel is the online host.
The Cleaner (Ulvi Haagensen) will perform before each online act, while the audience arrives.

* means that the show is being streamed online on https://tadaafestival.org

Support The Artists!

Street performing, also known as ‘‘busking’’ is the oldest form of live entertainment. Busking is a public space performance that involves, but not limited to music, theatre, circus, dance, puppetry or comedy. Anything goes. The performer’s craft is used to encourage the audience to donate.




We are Kangelased. A reusable and sustainable collective of funk musicians who will make your feet hurt and your mind boggle about what just happened. Since 2019 it’s been our mission to save the world one song, person and dance party at a time.

We kindly ask you to switch on all your mobile devices and take the next day off (you’ll need it), filming and photography is compulsory at our events.

“The Fire Water Tale”
Visual storytelling

Mysterious things are happening in the depth of the sea. Very seldomly have these stories been told, and never before have they been told in the language of fire. All spectators are taken along on a hot journey into the blue.

Artistic Flow Studio

Krista Palm

Fire dance

Krista Palm is a leader in fire art and the founder of Artistic Flow Studio, many like to call her the best fire dancer in Estonia. Longtime partner in fire and ardent fire Dancer, Elena Shkut, is once again joining Krista to bring you a whole hearted performance involving beautiful music, graceful dance and acrobatics.

“3 Sisters”

“Three Sisters” is a site-specific installation-production that talks about the great women of the Nordic countries. Of their tenderness, strength, convictions and fears. The mysteries unfold in reality and disappear between heaven and earth. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, a woman is just flesh and bone in the veil of sisterly love.

Performers: Grete Gross, Lizeth Wolk and Ghia Lumia

The Cleaner

Ulvi Haagensen

Ulvi Haagensen focuses on the aesthetics of the everyday. She explores the sensory side of cleaning – the sight, sound, feel and movement of cleaning. In the role of a domestic cleaner, who normally does her work out of sight she will be bringing everyday domesticity into the outdoors.

Richard Samarüütel

Richard Samaruutel

Online Host

Richard will be our gracious online host making sure our online audience has a simply magical time from the comfort of their homes, caves, cars, dungeons, castles or summer houses