Artists 2016

JanKaus withband


Estonian poets stand up at TaDaa! : is it a politician who seeks cheap popularity? Is it a concerned citizen who calls out to others? Is it just a crazyman who screams standing on a box? No! It’s an Estonian Poet! Most of the participants have been a part of poetry theatre Cabaret Interruptus, all known for performing in schools and on poetry stages, but during TaDaa! they will turn Estonian poetry into a streetshow. The jugglers and tightwire dancers will be known as Estonian poets-writers Fagira D. Morti, Birk Rohelend, Jan Kaus, Kristjan Haljak, Kaur Riismaa and Jürgen Rooste (who is just weird and insane).

Impro Jaa! (EST)

Jaa !mprov theatre has brought good short­ and long­form improvisation to the audience for already seven seasons. Our goal is to offer ways of connecting with stage either through laughter, acknowledgment or viewpoints that you wouldn’t expect. Everything that happens on the stage is improvised, every performance is unique and it all depends on you ­ the good audience!

Tanga Elektra (GER)

Two brothers from Berlin are exploring the barriers of soul and electro music. Tanga Elektra is connecting extremes: Streets and clubs, ecstasy and serenity, dalliance and seriousness, complex melodies and hard rhythms, acoustic instruments and a loop station. Two Brothers. One Soul.

Zerkala (EST)

Zerkala performers will bring you a big show made up from many small stories. We promise to pour out our soul to bring you a mix of different emotions with the help of the flame burning on both our torches and in our souls.

Sylvain Pomme (FRA)

Sylvain presents a show high in energy. He will amaze you with his juggling and unicycle skills. But more than this, he is an artist of the unexpected, speaking strange Estonian and inviting volunteers to take part of the show. He will bring the audience into his feel-good world, they will react with loud laughs and spontaneous applause. Just come watch, giggle and enjoy the atmosphere of this uncommon show.

Schokokaboom (EST/GER)

A good festival must be well organized. Two clowns from Schokokaboom are here to help. This mobile­clown­walkact will measure, organize and regulate what is possible and impossible. Watch out! They could be anywhere… SCHoKOkABoOM is an unconventional female duo from Estonia / Germany. Since 2013 the group has been creating amazing performances, shows and workshops around and in the fields of fire, clowning, circus and dance.

Sandra Lange (Nukuteater) (EST)

Come on in, we’re open and have a cup of tea! It will certainly be a dramatic cup of tea involving mister Teapot, Madam Ceylon and charming Lipton, in a most bizarre lovetriangle.


Samuelito (SWI)

Samuelito transforms the street into a theatre. A remote­controlled bee pollinates the flower on the windowsill. The infant stumbling over the stage entertains the audience. Unsuspecting “volunteers” are manipulated with the artist’s arms. Samuelito constantly re­invents and re-discovers his show. In doing so, he surprises the audience – and himself.


Juhis (FIN)

Juhis used to be a circus artist with a clear determination, but now whenever he performs, his confused side, Peke, takes control. The act takes him up and down along the Chinese pole, with his head in the clouds and mind sometimes wandering around. But don’t worry, everything goes still just as planned… or if not, there`s no reason to take it too seriously.

Grete Gross (EST)

“Elina” is a street comedy on aerial hammock and high heels, lead by champagne, dreams and quite a bit of nuttiness. Elina is a woman who has had it all – the look, the money, the men, the luxury…until she realises she never had anything fully for herself. Deep inside her, as in every woman, lives the desire to sometimes just forget the rules and make her greatest fantasies come alive. Now it is time to take life by the scruff of the neck, to become an independent woman, fighting for her dreams. No matter what it takes and how many men it breaks, she will get what she wants.

Erika Sall (EST)

Erika Sall is Estonian scenographer. She have bringed to life many alternative projects in EU and Tyrkie. Main topics of her works are integration, current problems of 21. century , troubled youth. She has long experience with forum theatre, improvisation theatre and European Union youth projects.


El Diabolero (AUT)

The show „Diabolirium“ is an energy­packed, street­performance, including clowning, pantomime, comedy, object­ and subject­manipulations, improvisations, even some magic and last, but not least: extraordinary and mind­blowing Diabolo­skills. (Like extremely high tosses, multiple Diabolo juggling,…) El Diabolero even presents unbelievable tricks, that have never been seen before, like the „shot into the universe“, and the „poetic moment“,… The mix of all those elements with the distinctive and highly infectious energy of the performer, turns the show into what it is: a „Diabolirium“ for audiences of all ages, an amazing crowdpuller anywhere that it takes place.

Chris Blaze (AUS)

Hi my name Chris Blaze, The Fire Ninja. The Blazed up Fire show is a Futuristic Dark and high energy Fire Ninja style performance, My object in the show is to create dynamic of music acrobatics and fire to deliver a special effect never seen before. I use a variety of fire skills pioneered by me and some close friends so you are sure to see new and exciting ways you can transform fire into an amazing performance of danger and delight.

Bernard M. Snyder (GER)

Bernard M. Snyder performs simultaneously on drums, guitar, harmonica, and vocals, as a classic one man band, blending a variety of musical styles and rhythms, including rock, funk, reggae, samba, and girlie­pop, into his own, personal, grooving, and melodic sound. Having performed in 36 countries on four continents, so far, Bernard is proud and happy to premiere his one man band in Estonia.


When something tries to be something that it’s not, things get awkward. And complicated. And funny. Sometimes hilarious.
But we are encouraged to dream big…
Where is the middle?
Why should there be a middle?
Dream big or go home?
I dreamed a dream..
But then the lions came.
Or some kind of felines anyway.