Support the artists

Street performing, also known as ‘’busking’’ is the oldest form of live entertainment. Busking is a public space performance that involves, but not limited to : music, theatre, circus, dance, puppetry or comedy. Anything goes. The performer’s craft is used to encourage the audience to donate.


Public spaces have hosted buskers for centuries. In ancient times before record labels and recording studios the only way to hear music was on the street. In medieval times the French had ‘’Troubadours’’ and ‘’Jongleurs’’. In old Germany, ‘’Minnesingers’’ and ‘’Spielleute’’ were the equivalent to what we call buskers today. Dating back to the 11th century, Russians described buskers as ‘’skomorokh’’. Mexican Mariachi bands are buskers. And in Japan ‘’Chindonya’’ is a modern approach to busking.

In 2018 the tradition continues on the streets and at festivals all over the world. Including at TaDaa! where we encourage audiences to donate to the artists. Real traditionalists can donate in cash, though the more cashless and tech savvy can donate through Estonia’s own mTasku app. Download it here!