Ethereum Movie Venture / Blockchain and Artistic Applications Workshop

June 6th, 0900 – 1100
@Lift99, Telliskivi Creative City, Tallinn


Ethereum Movie Venture successfully funded the world’s 1st Ethereum funded movie. The Producer of the project will come from Switzerland to host a workshop to show the implications of blockchains on Art and financing of Artists and Artwork.


A workshop where you can learn, share, explore, develop, network and create connections that will help you in your career.


About the Presenter / Coach

Tony Caradonna, Linkedin


For who is this workshop

This workshop is useful if you are

  • an artist who wants to explore new fields of art financing
  • a young entrepreneur who seeks an opportunity to network in a buzzing space
  • blockchain expert who wants to explore new markets for your expertise


The working language is English


About the Organiser

Workshop is organised by Emovie Venture in cooperation with Scenic Swisscoast.


Local partners are TaDaa! Festival and Lift99.